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Foundry & Heat Treatment

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Blue Light foundry has grown into a self-sustained unit producing sand cast products for diverse industrial applications. It produces sand castings in cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, high chrome steel as well as copper and aluminum alloys.



Blue Light is fully equipped to provide quality castings conforming to international standards. The foundry houses multiple induction...

Ferrous Castings

The foundry is capable of single piece casting up to 4 tons in steel. Types of materials cast...

Materials & Specifications

The foundry is capable of single piece casting of cast iron up to 7 tons, steel up to...

Extreme Alloys

Special alloy components are manufactured in the foundry for wear, abrasion and impact resistance with applications in cement,...

Heat Treatment

Blue Light provides a variety of heat treatment services for components of different shapes and sizes. Various heat...

Industry Specific Solutions

Over the years, Blue Light foundry has successfully produced cost effective one-off products of demanding grades and in...