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Company Profile

Blue Light Industry, a subsidiary of the UAE based engineering conglomerate Trinity Holdings, is a leading provider of engineered sand castings, heat treatment and electroplating service. For over 20 years, Blue Light has been committed to offer quality services to diverse industry requirements.

The foundry houses multiple induction melting furnaces, a PLC controlled automated sand mixer, a CNC pattern shop and a metallurgical laboratory to offer a variety of industrial casting. An extensive range of heat treatment services, including case hardening, CNC induction hardening, liquid nitriding, TRIBOX and various stress relieving processes are also offered by the foundry.

The chrome division is specialized in the electroplating of Hard Chrome, Nickel Chrome and Electroless Nickel that render corrosion and wear resistance to metals and alloys. The facility houses a process control laboratory to offer a variety of industrial coatings for various applications.

The company's unique ability to complete small one-off jobs as well as larger production runs allows it to cater to the challenging requirements of customers.